Effects of land use in subalpine grasslands, Gsies/Pustertal(2010-2011)

Extensively used subalpine grasslands in the Alps are known to host a high number of plant species. However, drainage, grading, and fertilization are the main factors for remarkable changes in species diversity and composition. At the Pidigalm, Gsies (Pustertal, South Tyrol) the effects of fertilizationand mowing are studied by means of phytosociological relevées. Several slopes of the study area were graded and a seed mixture was applied different years ago. All these intensively used meadows and pastures will be compared to abandoned areas.

Research Questions

  • Which plant communities occur and which site conditions are relevant?
  • Is species diversity related to the intensity of fertilization, mowing, pasturing?
  • What are the differences between graded and ungraded meadows?
  • Did the sown species persist in the communities?


Personnel involved
Barbara Brugger (Master thesis)
Brigitta Erschbamer

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