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Woody Woodpecker – Wood anatomical analyses of conifers at the alpine timberline

Woody WoodpeckerWood is an important natural product and an essential tissue for trees. Structure-function relationships of wood are not completely understood and thus major research goals. This project deals with wood-anatomical and functional traits of trees at the alpine timberline. It is conducted in cooperation with BORG Dornbirn, Faculty of Teacher Education Innsbruck, Natura 2000 Klostertaler Bergwälder, WSL Birmensdorf Schweiz and University of Vienna. Pupils will participate in sampling, microscopic and image analyses as well as data processing.

Research activities focus on:

  • Inter-specific comparison of the wood anatomy of different timberline species
  • Intra-specific comparison along elevational transec
  • Pit architecture
  • Wood formation
  • Hydraulic functions of wood
  • Visualisation of wood structures

Sparkling Science (bmwfw), SPA5/017, PI: Stefan Mayr


  • BORG Dornbirn
  • Natura 2000 Klostertaler Bergwälder
  • WSL Birmensdorf Schweiz
  • Austrian Education Competence Center, Universität Wien

Personnel involved:
Stefan Mayr
Barbara Beikircher
Adriano Losso
Birgit Dämon
Yvonne Markl
Purin Gerhard, BORG Dornbirn

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