A toolbox of models for a sustainable land use

A Toolbox of Models for a Sustainable Land Use

The goal of this research projects is to measure and evaluate the interdependencies between the economy and the natural environment in a spatial framework. The normative concept is given by the requirements of sustainable development. Existing models (the agricultural sector model PASMA and the macro-economic model PROMETEUS) are used as analytical instruments and their capacities will be enhanced during the project. The aim is to establish an integrated modeling framework in order to take into account a wide range of environmental indicators and biodiversity. The interface to link different types of models and data-constructs is land use in regional context. The whole country of Austria is the object of the analysis, the level of spatial detail is as disaggregated as data allow – the objective is to provide results for all municipalities in Austria. The project has four modules of interdisciplinary scientific work and three for transdisciplinary activities.
The University of Innsbruck, Institute of Botany is responsible for the transdiciplinary module: “Training tool for farmers “.  The science communication program is currently in it developmental stage.

LINK: http://www.landnutzung.at/

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