Ice propagation in plants under radiation frost

Ice propagation in plants under radiation frost

Ice propagation in plants under radiation frostInfrared differential thermal analysis (IDTA) and differential imaging chlorophyll fluorescence (DIF) are employed simultaneously to localize ice nucleation and to study the two dimensional pattern of ice propagation in leaves and mesophyll freeze dehydration as detected by a significant increase of basic chlorophyll fluorescence (F0).

Research Questions

  • Visualization of ice propagation in plant tissues
  • Localization of ice nucleation
  • Rates of ice propagation
  • Determination of protective ice barriers
  • Freeze dehydration of mesophyll cells

NEUNER G., PRAMSOHLER M.: Seasonal change of freezing and heat tolerance of PS2 compared to ice nucleation, frost and heat damage in evergreen subalpine plants. Physiologia Plantarum, 126, 196-204 (2006).
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2004-2008  FWF-Project P17188-B03 (PI: Gilbert NEUNER)

Personnel involved
Gilbert NEUNER

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