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City trees fulfil manifold important functions, but they are also exposed to numerous stress factors, such as heat or drought. Based on band dendrometers, which enable measurements of the stem circumference and thus of increment growth, a monitoring tool for urban trees will be developed in CITREE. Citizens can participate in measurements as well as see and learn, how their trees are growing.

•    Development of an appropriate dendrometer-system
•    Development of an appropriate database
•    System test and optimization
•    Installation in selected cities

bmwfw, TCS 01/001, PI: Stefan Mayr

•    Ghent University, Belgium
•    Phyto-IT, Belgium
•    School of Education, University of Innsbruck
•    Sportgymnasium Dornbirn

Beteiligte Personen
Stefan Mayr
Suzanne Kapelari
Adriano Losso
Birgit Dämon
Purin Gerhard, BORG Dornbirn

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