Rust fungus infection of Norway spruce

Rust fungus infection of Norway spruceNorway spruce trees in the subalpine forests of the European Alps are frequently attacked by the needle rust Chrysomyxa rhododendri. The consequences are diminished timber yield, cripple growth and seedling dieback. In cooperation with the Landesforstdirektion Tirol, Waldpflegeverein and the Landesforstgärten Tirol, resistant trees will be identified and sampled for scion rooting. The dynamics of infections as well as causes for resistance will be analysed.

Research activities focus on

  • Identification and selection of Chrysomyxa resistant trees
  • Scion rooting for growth of a resistant mother garden
  • Development of resistance tests
  • Monitoring of infection dynamics
  • Analysis of resistance mechanisms
  • Analysis of needle metabolites
  • Development of afforestation strategies

AlpS, Centre for Natural Hazard and Risk Management GmbH, Innsbruck
FWF Austrian Science Fund (P 29896-B22)


  • Landesforstgärten Tirol
  • Waldpflegeverein Tirol
  • Landesforstdirektion Tirol
  • BFW Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald
  • Forstbetrieb Mayr-Melnhof

Personnel involved
Stefan Mayr
Ilse Kranner
Andrea Ganthaler
Birgit Dämon

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