Current research projects focus on:

Conserving intraspecific diversification in a warmer world – a case study on endemic high-mountain plants of the Pyrenees

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Systematics of the intricate apomictic genus Rubus in Austria and Italy
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Origin and maintenance of intrapopulational cytotype mixture

in Senecio carniolicus in the Eastern Alps
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Senecio carniolicus in the Eastern Alps

Evolution and systematics of polyploid genera centered on the Balkan Peninsula: Cerastium, Knautia, Sesleria 
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Spatiotemporal diversification of Heliosperma pusillum s.l. 
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Evolution and systematics of European spurges (Euphorbia)
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Pollen Morphology and Taxonomy
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Origin of steppe flora and fauna in inner-Alpine dry valleys
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Range formation of beech forest understory herbs – a synthetic approach based on comparative phylogeography and distribution modelling
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Further groups of interest are Alyssum ovirense agg., Androsace spp., Silene spp. (S. saxifraga group, South American Silene), Verbascum chaixii agg.

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