Mapping of threatened arable weed species in North Tyrol (2009)

Mapping of threatened arable weed species in North TyrolIn Central Europe at present many arable weed species are threatened by the intensification of agriculture. The actual distribution and endangerment of these species in North Tyrol has hitherto been unknown. In this project a mapping of rare arable weed species is conducted in all regions with arable farming.

Research Questions

  • Distribution, abundance and endangerment of the species as well as the location of the populations and of species-rich fields are recorded. These data are essential for all prospective activities for the preservation of the species.
  • Detailled informations on the ecological requirements of the species within North Tyrol are gathered.
  • The vegetation of arable fields in North Tyrol is studied. On selected sites phytosociological relevés are carried out.

Mountain Agriculture Research Unit (Forschungszentrum Berglandwirtschaft), University of Innsbruck

Personnel involved
Susanne Wallnöfer

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