Restoration: Ecophysiological Aspects

a6_gesamtRestoration is often limited by extreme microclimatic and edaphic conditions, which cause drought stress in plants. We analyse hydraulics of planted woody species and develop new restoration techniques as well as strategies for selection and pre-conditioning of plants. Furthermore, we characterise the ecophysiological amplitude and limits of neophytes as a basis for strategies to reduce areas occupied by invasive species.

Research activities focus on

  • Hydraulic conditions of plants at rock faces
  • Selection and pre-conditioning of plants for restoration
  • Tests and optimisation of new restoration techniques
  • Monitoring of restoration test fields 
  • Hydraulic efficiency and safety of neophytes
  • Correlation of hydraulic, anatomical and morphological parameters
  • Microclimate
  • Effects on other plants
  • Development of strategies to avoid invasion

Alps, Centre for Natural Hazard and Risk Management GmbH, Innsbruck

Florin Florineth, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Plattner & Co, Zirl
Gubert GmbH & Co, Jenbach

Personnel involved
Stefan Mayr
Barbara Beikircher
Birgit Dämon

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