Use of periphyton for monitoring effects of forestry management in headwater streams in North America (1999-2013).

Research questions

a4_1Within the cultural landscapes of North America forests play an important role for both sustaining biodiversity and regulation of the water household during dry periods. We hypothesized that benthic algae would be suitable bioindicators to trace effects of forestry management. In one case forested and deforested segments of headwater streams were studied (Tulip tree forest, Pennsylvania USA). In the other case streams subjected to variable logging approaches within Western evergreen coniferous forests (Malkolm Knapp experimental forest, British Columbia, Canada) were studied. The similarity / dissimilarity of the resulting periphyton community structure on the background of abtiotic and biotic conditions were assessed and related to the degree of alterations by forestry measures.

Personel involved
Rott Eugen

NSERC, UBC (Vancouver, Canada); Stroudwater Research Center, PA, USA

Bott, T. (Stroudcenter)
Richardson, J. (UBC)

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