Disposal Management and Neophytes – Brenner Basis Tunnel


Disposal management and neophytes – Brenner Basis TunnelCompost works, deposits of soil and construction rubble are favoured habitats for a big number of alien species. These habitats of low competition are sink and source at the same time. They give the possibility to establish new populations, but also to invade the environment.

In course of the construction of the „Brenner Basis Tunnel”, one of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects for the next decades, huge areas of disposals will arise. By means of floristic and phytosociological investigations the development of flora and vegetation is studied. A special focus is on invasive alien species (IAS). Different methods of management of the deposits will be evaluated due to establishment and spread of IAS. The aim of the project is to get guidelines to minimise the importance of disposals as a turntable for IAS.

Research Questions

  • What is role of deposits relating to establishment and distribution of alien plant species?
  • What are the parameters of  introduction and establishment of alien Taxa on disposals?
  • What are appropriate measures to inhibit establishment of IAS on disposals


Brenner Basistunnel AG (BBT-AG)
Projekttitel: BBT - Neophytenentwicklung und Deponiemanagement (P7170-015-015)

Personnel involved
Konrad Pagitz
Jürgen Schneider

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