Project Management

This workpackage comprises the EcoSeed management, including controlling of budgetary and administrative issues, assuring the timely delivery of reports and deliverables to the EU, controlling of the project progress and performance, and assuring intra-project communication. Eleven partners from research institutions and industrial companies located in five European countries are involved in EcoSeed. The size of the consortium allows for a relatively flat hierarchy with a simple management structure, whereby all members of the project are collectively responsible for the progress and success of the activities. The partners have laid down the structure of the management, the decision making process as well as their tasks, rights and responsibilities in a Consortium Agreement. The Consortium Agreement also determines clear rules for sharing of information, regulations regarding confidentiality, and access-rights to background and foreground know-how.

Workpackage leader: Prof. Ilse Kranner

Project manager: Dr. Erwann Arc