Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain (USAL)

Universidad de Salamanca (USAL)The University of Salamanca is a leading research institution in Spain. Founded in 1218, it is one of the oldest Universities in Europe, with a wide range of faculties and research institutions in sciences and humanities and is ranked within the top 15 public universities of the country in the matter of research.

Department of Plant Physiology, Spanish-Portuguese Agricultural Research Center CIALE was founded in 2000 with the purpose to consolidate, support and encourage training and research activities at the University of Salamanca in the areas of agriculture and agronomy. Its objectives are to perform agricultural research within the fields of biodiversity, plant breeding, plant production and plant health. The centre is housed in a new building with the most advanced technical resources for the development of agricultural research. It has a modern greenhouse for the collection and cultivation of transgenic plants in maximum security conditions. Its research interests include genetics, plant pathology and biocontrol, the mutual interactions, physiology and molecular biology of seeds, plant growth and development, and seed conservation.

Prof. Oscar Lorenzo Sánchez (lead partner)
Prof. Dolores Rodriguez