University Innsbruck (UIBK)

University Innsbruck (UIBK)The University of Innsbruck (UIBK) was founded in 1669 and is the biggest and most important institution for research and education in Western Austria, also serving as the home university of Liechtenstein and the Autonome Provinz Bozen – Südtirol / Provinzia Autonoma di Bolzano – Alto Adige (Italy). With over 4,000 staff members and about 27,000 students the UIBK is organised in 16 faculties, 78 departments and 41 research platforms and centres. Four Nobel prize winners held positions at the UIBK, which is known for numerous innovations in Research and Technology.

The Institute of Botany comprises two main entities, the Unit of Functional Plant Biology and the Unit of Plant Evolution and Diversity, with five full professors and ten associate and assistant professors. Under- and post-graduate training in the plant sciences is being offered as well as general botanical education to the public, and staff consult in various areas of applied botany and environmental monitoring. Staff members involved in EcoSeed are widely recognized experts in plant stress physiology and plant reproduction, including in redox signalling in relation to survival strategies of plants in extreme environments.

Prof. Ilse Kranner (Project coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Johanna Wagner
Dr. Thomas Roach
Dr. Erwann Arc
Dr. Wolfgang Stöggl
Siegfried Aigner, MSc