LIMAGRAIN EUROPE, Verneuil l’Etang, France (Limagrain)

Limagrain Europe (Limagrain)Limagrain is an international agricultural cooperative group specialized in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Worldwide, it is the 4th largest seed company.

Limagrain Europe is a breeder, a producer and a seller of field seeds and is the leading company in field seeds in Europe. Limagrain Europe employs 1300 people and invests 13% of its revenue in research, being convinced that a high level of research is a vital lever for sustainable growth. For Limagrain, from earth to life implies contributing, through innovation, to agricultural production that is efficient both economically and ecologically. This means producing sustainably, more and better, using knowledge from life sciences to meet the challenges of food security. Its commitments to sustainable agriculture meet the requirements of economic efficiency, social and territorial viability, and respect for the environment. Limagrain produces in more than 10 countries and has extensive knowledge of seed production in the field and in the factory. It owns laboratories and research facilities that are used to control and improve the quality of the seeds produced.

Philippe Cayrel (lead partner)
Laurent Doux