The interconnection of the factors that determine germination in relation to stresses incurred in the maternal environment, harvest conditions, post-harvest storage and the genotype-by-environment interaction are currently not understood. The downstream implications of these factors have significant economic and environmental implications for seed storage for agriculture and conservation. The gaps in our knowledge on the interconnection of these factors are due to the lack of multi- and interdisciplinary approaches. EcoSeed is the first project to bring together experts in all fields relevant for this research in a highly complementary consortium.

Expertise on Arabidopsis biology is combined with expertise on crop and wild plant biology. The expertise of the consortium covers all relevant pathways involved in seed stress response with a strong focus on regulatory switchboards comprising ROS and hormone signalling, DNA damage products and repair pathways, and genetic components to those pathways. State-of-the-are techniques such as transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomis are strongly represented in the consortium, together with the unique expertise in seed banking through the two major seed banks, including the EU’s largest crop seed bank and the world’s largest seed bank of wild species, and Limagrain, representing the seed trade.