The Department hosts two plant collections of international relevance, the herbarium and the culture collection of living algae.


herbarium-rubus-autrotirherbarium-botrychium-virThe Herbarium of the Department of Botany (acronym: IB) consists of ca. 150.000 specimens at the moment. Most specimens are pteridophytes and spermatophytes (about 125.000), the remaining ones are mosses, lichens and algae.

The main focus of the collections is on the Eastern and Southern Alps, the Mediterranean region and the East and Southeast of Central Europe, for lichens and bryophytes additionally also on Scandinavia.

Important historical collections are from Rudolf Berger, Emil Diettrich-Kalkhoff, Helmut Gams, Fredina, Heinrich & Hermann Handel-Mazzetti, Franz Freih. von Hausmann, Anton Heimerl, Gustav Kielhauser, Joseph Peyritsch, Viktor Schiffner, Rudolf Seeger, Friedrich Stolz and Franz Tappeiner. Recent collections are from Ines & Sigmar Bortenschlager, Rupert Düll, Brigitta Erschbamer, Georg Gärtner, Paul Hofmann, Konrad Pagitz, Hans Pitschmann and Herbert Reisigl.

The collections are available after prior arrangement with the curators.

Curator phanerogams Konrad Pagitz

Collection of Algae

algensammlung-detailThe collection of algae (acronym: ASIB 505) was founded in the late 1950s. It comprises about 1500 strains, mostly from alpine areas of Central Europe, with a focus on terrestrial, airborne and lichen algae. Many green algae and heterokonts are authentic strains (=”type cultures”). The collection was expanded in 1974 by incorporating Wilhelm Vischer’s collection from Basel. All strains are cultivated in Bold’s Basal Medium on agar slants.
Strains are available for scientific use free of charge, commercial organizations are charged 20.-€ per culture. A catalogue of strains is in preparation, for details please contact the curator.

Andreas Holzinger

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