Homogyne alpina

Persicaria vivipara

Minuartia sedoides

Seed traits and germination dynamics (2016-2019)

Seed germination and methods of dormancy breaking will be tested in the growth chamber, using different temperature and drought regimes as well as different seed (pre-)treatments. The main aim is to complement the germination screening of subalpine and alpine species, running since more than one decade at the working group. Within the project Alpine Seed Conservation and Research Network we will check the germination ability of all species collected by the Innsbruck and Graz partner groups, respectively. With this screening, we enhance the knowledge on seed characteristics, germination requirements, optimum temperatures of germination, dormancy mechanisms, and treatment effects. An abundant database can be established.

David and Claudia Harding Foundation, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK)

Personnel involved
Vera Margreiter (PhD)
Barbara Pernfuß
Brigitta Erschbamer
Konrad Pagitz

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