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Not only in desert regions but also on poor grounds as alpine debris slopes water is scarce. Therefore the ability to store water is a matter of life for plants living in dry areas. For that reason species of many families have developed different methods to accumulate water. There are stem-, leave-, and rootsucculents. Nowadays the term of caudiciform succulents has appeared in literature. They do have an often ludicrous formed shrunk to store water, that is hidden in the ground or sometimes overground. Their leaves and sprouts are mostly non-succulent and thus they dye of during the dry periods of the year. Except for the big family of cacti (they are noticed separately) the botanical garden of Innsbruck cultivates over 550 succulent plants in special arranged glasshouses. Most of them are originated from South-Africa, the Canary Islands and South-America. But also in the Alpinum many hardy succulents from mountain regions of all over the world can be found.

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