Propagation Area

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To maintain and increase the stock of our plants the propagation of them is most important. In nine different climated greenhouses with a total surface of 312m² we sow out and raise all the plants needed for the various departments and the Alpine Garden on Mt. Patscherkofel. For the culture of hardy plants we use 6 large frames outdoors. Most of the plants shown in our gardens are raised by us from seeds. A lot of these seeds we get from other Botanical Gardens. Through the International Seedexchange of Botanical Gardens we are connected with more than 500 institutions world wide. For this purpose we publish and mail a seed list (= Index Seminum) every year. At the moment we offer more than 600 different kind of seeds for this exchange. For the Alpinum and especially for the Alpine Garden we try to obtain seeds collected at their natural locations. The whole propagation area is not public.

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