Alpinum Rockgarden

The culture of alpine plants in Innsbruck has an old tradition. Already in 1864 Prof. Anton Kerner published a book with the title 'The Culture of Alpine Plants'. He describes more than 550 plants he had raised himself, their preferred soil types, and gives other important advices for the culture of alpine plants. In contrast to a common rockgarden consisting of a mixture of mostly low growing plants and hybrids an alpinum is arranged by scientific viewpoints.

Our alpinum is divided geographically and geologically . Together with an area for ferns, a moorbed and four combined ponds it covers more than 2000 m².Today we grow more than 1000 plants from all, non tropical, alpine regions of the world. Most of these plants have been raised by us from seeds coming direct from their natural locations. Within the alpinum we do not grow any horticultural hybrids.

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