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The Botanical Garden was established around 1911 at his present location. Have a look at the short history. Within the last two decades a lot of areas were new- or re-constructed according to the modern aims of the garden. Today we are able to show more than 5000 species from different plant communities and climates of the world. Only the understanding of the sensitive balance can help to save these often endangered communities. The garden is supported by the Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden Innsbruck. Click on Collections, so you will get an impression about the different areas of our garden.

The Botanical Garden of Innsbruck is situated in Hötting, a south viewing part of the city direct at the foot of the Northern Lime Alps. The Department of Botany and a small observatory are enclosed in the 2ha large garden area. From the downtown of the city the garden is easy to reach either by foot within 15 minutes or by bus A which stops at our main entrance.
The region around Innsbruck belongs to the central european alpine dry valleys. The annual means of precipitation are about 860mm. This is fast consumed by regularly, dry, hot winds, called Föhn, coming from the south.
Opening Hours:
The public park can be visited the whole year, free, daily from 7.30 - 19.00 (and during the winter time till 17.00). The huge tropical greenhouses are opened every Tuesday,Thursday from 13°° to 17°° and every first Sunday in the month at the same time.

Dogs are not allowed.

Entrance fees:
adults: € 2
children, students, seniors € 1.

Alpine Garden on Mt. Patscherkofel and Botanical Garden
Department of Botany
University Innsbruck
Sternwartestraße 15
A-6020 Innsbruck
Tel: 0512 507-5910 Fax: 512-507-96952
Our joint e-mail adress is, some of the gardeners have their own e-mail - see under staff.

2013 Botanischer Garten Universität Innsbruck
Sternwartesrasse 15, A-6020 Innsbruck
Fotos und Texte:Peter Daniel Schlorhaufer
Mag. Cäcilia Lechner Pagitz,Stephan Ritzenfeld,
Stefan Medgyesy-EDV Beauftragter.

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