Aim and content



Search of biblical and biblical-archaeological literature


Classified documentation on biblical and biblical-archaeological literature, published in articles, collected works and monographs; since 1990 partly with references to book reviews

Base of recording ofarticles: approximately 90 complete and approximately 540 relevant annuals and periodicals (see list of periodicals) of the University Library of Innsbruck and the Jesuit Library Innsbruck; completed by titles of the ZID (theological periodicals of the University Library Tuebingen)

Base of recording of articles of collected works and Festschriften: acquisitions of the Theological Library of the University Innsbruck (search portal); off-prints of authors

Base of recording of monographs: acquisitation of the Theological Library of the University Innsbruck(ALEPH); submissions of authors and publishers

Base of recording of hints to book reviews: data meterial of the Biblical Institute in Rome

Period and media of recording : card-catalogue (1980-1984), since 1985 computerized. Recording and computerization of card-titles in work

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