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Special characters in the ASCII-Code
Special characters in Hebrew transcription
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Special characters in the ASCII-Code    Seitenanfang

Wherever the special characters of the ASCII-Code are missing at the keyboard they can be written by pressing ALT and entering the following numerical values:

HINT: Activate the <NUM> - key!

ASCII:    Shortcut:
Æ <ALT>146
æ <ALT>145
Å <ALT>143
å <ALT>134
Ä <ALT>142
ä <ALT>132
á <ALT>160
à <ALT>133
â <ALT>131
Ç <ALT>128
ç <ALT>135
ë <ALT>137
É <ALT>144
é <ALT>130
è <ALT>138
ê <ALT>136
ASCII:    Shortcut:
ï <ALT>139
í <ALT>161
ì <ALT>141
î <ALT>140
Ñ <ALT>165
ñ <ALT>164
Ö <ALT>153
ö <ALT>148
ó <ALT>162
ø <ALT>155
Ü <ALT>154
ü <ALT>129
ú <ALT>163
ù <ALT>151
û <ALT>150
ß <ALT>225

Instead of these special characters the fill-in "?" can be used in the search which can however, raise the number of records matched.

Example: If you search<AU=MÜLLER> instead of <AU=M?LLER> the results will contain all "Muller" und "Müller" as well as all "Miller" and "Möller".

Special characters in Hebrew transcription    Seitenanfang

Letter:    Transcription:
Alef x1
Zajin z
Chet h1
Tet t1
Jod j
Ajin x2
Sade s1
Qof q
Sin s2
Shin s3
Segol æ

Special characters in Greek transcription    Seitenanfang

Letter:    Transcription:
Äta Ä
Thäta TH
Xi X
Phi PH
Chi CH
Psi PS
Y Y after consonants. Example: HYIOS
U after vowels. Example: LOGOU
Omega W
Spiritusasper    H

Other special characters    Seitenanfang

Diacritic signs in other languages are signified through the combination of a consonant with a number:

Letter:    Character: Examole:
1 1) Point below the consonant
2) Point above the consonant
3) Dash through the consonant
e.g. d1 = Arabic d'1ad
e.g. g1 = Arabic g'1ain
e.g. I1 = Polish I
2 1) Dash below the consonant
2) Acute above the consonant
e.g. d2 = Arabic d2al
e.g. Hebrew Sin
3 1) Bow below the consonant
2) Hook abovethe consonant
e.g. h3 = Arabic h3a
e.g. g3 = Arabic g3im
4 Tilde above the consonant e.g. g4= g with tilde
x1 x1 Spiritus lenis  
x2 x2 Spiritus asper  
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