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Field: Authors    Seitenanfang 

Syntax: [surname] OPERATOR [first name]
Example: <Steck AND Odil>

HINT: As far as possible, BILDI is provided by the original spelling of the authors' names, as well as diacritic signs. However, due to labor-effency, the names have to be entered in the form they appear in the different publications. Users have to face therefore two problems:

  • the same author can appear in BILDI under different spelling systems
  • diacritic signs (special characters) have to be entered in the search

In these cases the use of fill-ins are recommended:

Example: <AU=Mu?oz>
Result: data with the spelling "Munoz" or "Munñoz" and eventual titles with authors contain another letter in this place.

Members of the BILDI-staff make every effort to standardize different spellings of the same authors.

Field: Title    Seitenanfang

In this field you can search for every word contained in a title. The title-words have to be combined with operators.

Syntax: [title-word 1] [OPERATOR] [title-word 2]
Examples: <postmodern* AND exege*>
<Babylon* NOT Talmud>
<reader ADJ response>

Field: Language    Seitenanfang

In the field "SP" you can search for the language of a publication or a text.

Syntax: [language (in German)]
Example: <griechisch>

Combined search in the "BI":

Examples: <TI=(bellum AND judaicum) AND SP=deutsch>
<SW=(Exodusbuch AND Kommentar) AND SP=englisch>

Field: Editors    Seitenanfang

In the field "HG" you can search for the name(s) of the editors of a published text.

Syntax:   same as "Authors"

Field: dedication    Seitenanfang

In the field "WG" you can search of the name of a person that was honored with a Festschrift.

Syntax:   same as "Authors"

If an author was honored in several Festschriften in his/her life, the search can be specified by the entry of a publication year in field PJ1

Field: IN    Seitenanfang

In the field "IN" you can search for collected works whose relevant articles have been recorded.

Syntax: [title-word 11] OPERATOR [title-word 2]
Examples: <Biblische AND Theologie AND Wandel>
<Bible AND human AND society>
<Bible AND litt?rature>

Field: Journals    Seitenanfang

In the field "INZS" you can search for the titles of journals in abbreviated or full format (list of journals).

If you search for the full form you have to combine the title-words with an "OPERATOR"

Syntax: [title-word 11] OPERATOR [title-word 2]

or [abbreviated title]
Examples: <Journal AND study AND old>
<Dead AND Sea AND discoveries>

Field: Year of publication 1    Seitenanfang

In the field "PJ1" you can search for the publication of a certain year or period.

In case of articles that were republished you will find in the field the year of the first publication.

Syntax: [PJ1]

Examples: <1998>

Field: Key-words    Seitenanfang

In the field "SW" you can search for terms, biblical passages, peronalities, archaeological locations and/or Lemmata (Thesaurus).

Syntax: [key-word 1] [OPERATOR] [key-word2]
Examples: <Historisch-kritische Exegese AND Kirchliche Dokumente>
<Gen 02,01 - 04 or (Gen 02,01* NOT Gen 02)>
<Mk 13*> = all titles on Mark 13 and individual passages in Mark 13
<Mal *> = all titles on the chapters and individual passages of Maleachi

HINT: When entering biblical passages the chapters and verses must appear in two-digit numbers.

Exception: for the number of psaumes you have to enter a three-digit number.

Examples: <1 Kor 08,01>
<Ps 002*>
<Ps 045,02 - 07>

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