Search: Screens

Search in Basic Index (BI)

 The screen enables a quick search in the fields Author, Editor, Title and Subject  WITHOUT  entering the
field names.

Syntax: [search term 1] [OPERATOR] [search term 2] ...
example: <boismard AND Gospel of John>

 The screen also enables the expert search in any fields of the database  BY ENTERING  the field names.

Syntax: [field name (abbreviation)]=[search term 1] [OPERATOR] [search term 2] ...
example: <R1=Analecta AND Biblica>


Syntax: [field name 1]=[search term 1] [OPERATOR] [field name 2]=([search term 2] AND [search term 3])...
example: <HG=Moor AND TI=Verse AND prose>

Specific search in defined fields

 Enables a uncomplicated search in selected search fields

HINT: You can choose capitalization or use small letters for all entries.


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