Liborius Olaf Lumma's Research Activities



  • Translation of Paul F. Bradshaw: Rites of Ordination. Their History and Theology (Liturgical Press, to be published in Österreichische Studien zu Liturgiewissenschaft und Sakramententheologie 2024)
  • Revised 5th edition of „Crashkurs Liturgie” (Pustet Verlag Regensburg, to be published in 2023 or 2024)
  • Introduction into meaning and expressive patterns of Catholicism (Pustet Verlag Regensburg, no timetable yet)
  • Article on Solemnities and Feasts of St. Mary (to be published Heiliger Dienst)
  • Article and lecture on psalms in Christian litury (for the 12th International AISCGre congress, to be published in Beiträge zur Gregorianik)
  • Article and lecture on Universal Prayer (to be published in Ecclesia orans)
  • submitted: Article on Liturgy of the Hours (for the Cambridge Companion to Christian Liturgy)
  • submitted: Article on the role of the parish priest as liturgical presider (for an anthology, to be published in 2023)
  • pandemiebedingt verschoben: Vorbereitung des internationalen Symposions zum 60. Geburtstag von Reinhard Meßner; Thema „Magie und Liturgie”; ursprünglich geplant für Do/Fr, 25./26. Juni 2020, Innsbruck

Projects of academic qualification

Dissertation (finished 2006, published 2009):

  • Interpretation of 30 communion antiphons de evangelio in the Gregorian Mass Proper de tempore
  • Application of the methodology of Gregorian Semiology to the individual chants
  • Summary findings
  • Usage of the manuscripts Einsiedeln 121, Laon 239, St. Gallen 339, and Bamberg 6

Habilitation (finished 2015, published 2017):

  • Commentary on the Compline in the Liturgia Horarum with special regard to
    a) the origins in ancient Latin monasticism,
    b) the reformation of the Compline in the 20th century,
    c) alternative patterns in current monasticism and outside the Latin church,
    d) recently developed patterns for today's practice
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