Participatory Engagement in and with Riverscapes


One of the effects of the Anthropocene is a more vigorous questioning of the role of education and the way we learn as individuals and society. The challenge of complex, dynamic biosocial systems and ethical issues exposes the limits of the transmissive teaching/lerning paradigm and instead suggests an iterative, participative and transformative learning process.

We invite students to explore new, creative ways to build a knowledge base on local riverscapes as more-than-human communities, starting from the inspiration, knowledge and questions of the students. Listening to the water and its animal, plant and human neighbours is the basis for our investigation of biosocial relationships, conflicts and problems, as well as visions and solutions for a more sustainable and ethical future for all beings.

We are developing a massive open online course as a learning and research plattform which will not only provide some basic knowledge on riverscapes and multispecies ethnography but will ultimately also present the young people's scientific and creative work.



 Kolpa River and Soca, Slovenia @ Shé Hawke

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