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The current state on the project work of the Brenner basis tunnel

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Lindenberger, Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE, Innsbruck

In November 1999, Brenner Base Tunnel EEIG (Brenner Basistunnel EWIV (BBT EWIV) / GEIE Galleria di Base del Brennero) was established with the objective to develop a ready project in order to realise the Brenner Base Tunnel as a part of the north-south European rail link for high speed track. Furthermore that link will serve as a combined track transport between Berlin - Nuremberg - Munich - Verona.
Therefore in 1987 a feasibility study was made in order to evaluate geological, technical and economical aspects completing the Phase I of the project.

That Phase I of the project was completed in July 2002 and its outcomes have been documented in Report 2002. On that basis the Austrian and Italian Ministries of Infrastructure and Transport signed on April 1, 2003 a common declaration in order to continue with the project development and to obtain all necessary planning permissions (the so called Phase II). As its result the start of the Base Tunnel construction could be carried out within three years.

On September 10, 2003 the Austrian and Italian Transport ministries signed a second Memorandum of Understanding, which defined the completion of the Environmental Impact Assessment by March 2007.

Moreover on December 16, 2004, “Galleria di Base del Brennero - Brenner Basistunnel SE” was commercial registered, being one of the first European public limited organisations with Austrian participation.