Shotcrete-Technology ´06

Documentation of tests of construction materials and structural tests
at BEG’s tunnel construction sites

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Markus Testor, Brenner Eisenbahn GmbH, Vomp

Brenner Eisenbahn Ges.m.b.H. [Brenner Railway Company Ltd.] was founded with the aim of constructing a two-track rail link between Kundl/Radfeld and Baumkirchen. At the start of work on the project a strictly organised test documentation system was introduced, so as to make it possible to hand on all the required documentary evidence to later operators in a structured form. Instructions were issued to define these testing procedures, and adherence to the specifications made mandatory for all parties involved. The requirements thus laid down include the ascription of a filename unambiguously allocated to the type of test for every relevant document, the keeping of both analog and digital archives, and the creation of test plans for the construction materials and the structure itself. The test plans prescribe the frequency of tests to be carried out, the applicable standards and the test criteria, together with specifications of the location and comparisons of actual and target values, with a colour coding of the results. Coordination between the various parties involved is centrally managed by BEG. The system is explained with reference to sprayed concrete.