Shotcrete-Technology ´06

Reliable prognoses and transparency in the tunnel construction

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Baumgärtner; GIB-Greiner AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Dipl.-Ing. ETH/SIA Matteo Bianchi, SISO SA, Minusio /Ticino, Switzerland
Dipl.-Ing. Simon GATTI, AlpTransit Gotthard AG, Luzern, Schweiz

How much will a construction cost? This is one of the most difficult issues in tunnelling. Despite of extensive probes and all of our technical possibilities, detailed information about the relevant quality of the rock remains uncertain till the construction is in progress. While building the longest railway tunnel of the world, the “Gotthard-Basistunnel”, moneys amounting billions have to be financed. The project management entity “Alp-Transit Gotthard AG” has the task to realize this project within a given cost bracket and consequently is in the spotlight of the Swiss public. Under those sensitive circumstances the AlpTransit Gotthard AG has teamed-up with assigned project engineers in order to improve the applied methods and operations and develop advanced procedures. The aim is to advance the prognosis on a daily basis. Eventual additional construction costs can be made transparent at an early stage.