We support students with disabilities, impairments and/or physical, mental and health related conditions who are planning to study abroad or are coming to Innsbruck as part of their study abroad experience. This platform provides information about the support available at different higher education institutions:




In the framework of the Erasmus programme, students have the opportunity to either study abroad at one of our partner institutions for one or two semesters or receive funding for a traineeship abroad. More information is available here: . It is important to address individual needs as early as possible when planning a mobility, in order to inform the partner institution and to provide the support measures needed.

Students with disabilities or health conditions are underrepresented in mobility programmes and therefore eligible for a “fewer opportunities top-up”. This top-up of 250€ per month is paid in addition to the regular Erasmus grant and available if proof of eligibility is submitted (e.g. medical certificate, disability certificate or proof of additional costs because of a health condition). Apart from the mentioned proof of disability, no further application form is needed.


If additional costs directly related to participants with fewer opportunities cannot be covered through the top-up amount, additional funding, the so-called inclusion support, is available.
Students receive more information, the relevant forms and can apply for inclusion support through the International Relations Office. This funding aims at covering the extra costs incurred e.g. for preparatory visits at the partner institution or accompanying persons.

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