Important information for all disabled students and employees of the Leopold-Franzens-University:

Personal Assistance is now offered at the workplace or for studies.


Personal Assistance at the Workplace ...

... is a project of the Independent-living-association Innsbruck, which is financed by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs by fonds of the employment campaign of the Austrian government.


What is personal assistance at the workplace?

With the help of personal assistance disabled employees are offered the possibility to compensate their disability at the workplace. The personal assistance includes individual support in accompanying and mobility, which is necessary to fulfil the defined obligations and to comply with internal regulations and to compensate functional incapacity due to disability.

The grants and funding depend on the individual situation and include the following areas:

  • accompanying from accommodation to workplace or studyplace

  • accompanying at professional commitments outside the workplace (e.g. visiting events, field service,  missions,...) 
  • manual support at work (filing of documents, typing, scanning, copying,...) 
  • assistance with toileting during the working hours

  • other assistance services for disabled (e.g. getting on or off the car, putting on or taking off the jacket, assistance with eating,...)


 Who is entitled to receive personal assistance at the workplace?

  • disabled persons in care level 5, 6 or 7 – in exceptional cases also persons in care level 3 and 4 - who 
    • have a contract of employment orare students

    • are job trainees 
    • are looking for a contract of employment where social security contributions are mandatory

    • and need assistance in order to carry out this work.


How to receive personal assistance at the workplace?

The Independent-living-association as an assistance service for Tyrol is responsible for applications and coordination of the personal assistance at the workplace: after detailed consultation by the Independent-living-association in Innsbruck a written agreement with the assistance person will be concluded. An informal application has to be handed in at the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs. After receiving the entitlement the assistance can start.

If you need personal assistance at the workplace or if you need more information about it please contact the Independent-living-association in Innsbruck.


Selbstbestimmt-Leben Innsbruck (Independent-living-association)

Anton-Eder-Str. 15  
A-6020 Innsbruck

fon 43-512-578989
fax 43-512-578989-15
Contact person:
Herr Mag. Paso Zengin



Good luck for your studies and your work

Patrizia Egger
Office for the Disabled of the University of Innsbruck

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