Hardware in the Loop Experiments for Heat Pump Controller Optimization

Bearbeiterin: Mara Magni

Betreuer: Fabian Ochs, Dietmar Siegele

This aim of this master thesis to optimize a heat pump controller.
This work is done by using the PASSYS test cell in order to be able to test the micro heat pump (mHP), which was developed within the EU-project iNSPiRe, in different conditions. The mHP is integrated in amechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and works with the exhaust air flow as source and the supply air flow as sink. The PASSYS test cell comprises two separated ambients and consents to simulate the internal and external ambient behaviour. These two ambients are controlled by Simulink simulation and BCVTB (Building Control Virtual Test Bed), so it is possible to reproduce the internal and external air trend among which the mHP operates.
BCVTB and a communication software developed by the Unit for Energy Efficient Buildings makes it possible to couple the simulation program (Matlab/Simulink) with the hardware (PASSYS test cell).
Another important tool for this work is LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench). LabVIEW is commonly used for data acquisition, instrument control, and industrial automation and allows to control the PASSYS test cell. A communication software was developed by the Unit for Energy Efficient Buildings and is used for the communcation with LabVIEW.
The PASSYS test cell environment permits to get measured data of the micro heat pump behavior and of the air flows used by the micro heat pump.
This way to test components like a micro heat pump is called Hardware in the Loop (HiL) and this method allows to study the heat pump and the controller in different situation.

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