3rd Austrian Grid Symposium 2009

  • Liko D.: Large scale data analysis on the Grid in the search for new physics
  • Oettl P., Mair G., Nimeth K., Jais W., Bischof R., Liko D., Walzel G., Hoermann N.: Austrian Federated WLCG Tier-2 (slides)

Joint Annual Meeting of ÖPG/SPS/ÖGAA 2009

ECSAC 2009: IX International Conference on Science, Arts and Culture - Grid Computing: a new tool for Science and Innovation

  • Liko D.: Grid Computing for Hadron Therapy Studies

Austrian Grid Meeting 2009

  • Kuhn D.: Das österreichische-Federated Tier-2 im Worldwide Large Hadron Collider Grid

Austrian Federated Tier-2 Meeting 2008

2nd Austrian Grid Symposium 2007

1st Austrian Grid Symposium 2005