100 Years of Cosmic Particles
Joint symposium in honour of Victor F. Hess

May 1-5, 2012

Organized by The University of Innsbruck, Tyrol & The Victor F. Hess Society, Poellau, Styria

Innsbruck Programme Committee:

P. Blasi, Florence
V. Dogiel, Moscow
T. Gaisser, Newark
W. Kutschera, Wien
O. Reimer, Innsbruck (Chair)
A.W. Strong, Garching
H. Völk, Heidelberg
P. Carlson, Stockholm
L. Drury, Dublin
A. Hanslmeier, Graz
R. Protheroe, Adelaide
G. Schatz, Karlsruhe
D.F. Torres, Barcelona
A. Watson, Leeds

Poellau Programme Commitee:

S. Bauer, Graz
K. Grandin, Stockholm
P. Holmberg, Helsinki
G. Kamisheva, Sofia
H. Krenn, Graz
S. Talas, Padua
D. Weaire, Dublin
J. Bennett, Oxford
D. Hoffmann, Berlin
H. Kahlert, Graz
H. Kragh, Aarhus
P. M. Schuster, Poellau (Chair)
G. Vlahakis, Athens
A. Wolfendale, Durham



Stage performance “Kosmische Strahlen! – Das Leben des Victor F. Hess” written and directed by Klaus Reitberger (Kaiser-Leopold-Saal, Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, Innsbruck)

Public lecture “Kosmische Strahlung: Heute genauso aktuell wie vor 100 Jahren” by Claus Grupen
(Kaiser-Leopold-Saal, Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, Innsbruck)

Public lecture “100 Jahre Kosmische Strahlung - Eine Abenteuergeschichte mit Fortsetzung” by Erwin Flückiger (Bern) at Poellau Castle

Guided Tour to the Victor F. Hess Heritage Centre at Poellau Castle and to the parallel exhibition “RADIATION and Mankind” at the European Centre for the History of Physics ECHOPHYSICS (www.echophysics.org)

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Innsbruck contact:
victorfhess2012@uibk.ac.at, (O. Reimer)
leonie.werner@uibk.ac.at, T +43 (0)512 507 6061 (L. Werner)

Poellau contact:
info@victorfhess.org, T +43(0) 676 606 5309 (P.M. Schuster)
and/or +43 316 380 5188 (H. Krenn)