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nein Combining BRITE-Constellation and TESS data for variable stars (more information) Konstanze Zwintz
ja Crowding Simulations of Young Open Clusters (more information) Konstanze Zwintz
ja Nuclear Fusion Processes in Pre-Main Sequence Stars (more information) Thomas SteindlKonstanze Zwintz
nein Quantitative Spectroscopy of IL Lupi, the Optical Component of the High-Mass X-ray Binary 4U 1543-475 (more information) Norbert Przybilla
nein High Energy Gamma-Rays from the Omega Nebula (more information) Guillem Martí-Devesa
ja Extreme Galaxies and Their Extreme Environments (more information) Francine Marleau
nein Quarkonium Production with the ATLAS Experiment Emmerich Kneringer
ja Was kommt nach dem Higgs-Boson? (weitere Informationen) Emmerich Kneringer
nein Non-linear Fermi Acceleration (more information) David Huber & Ralf Kissmann
2/2 Image of a Black Hole (more information, topic can be distributed to two students) David Huber & Ralf Kissmann
nein Numerical Modelling of Galactic-Cosmic-Ray Transport with a Galactic Wind (more information) Ralf Kissmann
ja The Point Spread Function for Analyses with Open-Source Tools in Ground-Based Gamma-Ray Astronomy (more information) Markus Holler
ja Kernel Density Estimation for Sky Maps in Ground-Based Gamma-Ray Astronomy (more information) Markus Holler
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