Non-linear Fermi Acceleration
(Supervision: David Huber & Ralf Kissmann)


In the computational astro-particle physics group we study particle acceleration in colliding-wind binary systems. In a typical simulation, the winds of two stars are modelled as a magnetized fluid, where particles can be accelerated at the wind-collision region (WCR). The WCR is a region bounded by two strong shocks where the particles gain energy by the so-called Fermi I process. So far, however, no back reaction of these particles on the stellar winds has been considered in our models. In this bachelor thesis, we will test the impact of such a back reaction, by adding the pressure of the accelerated particles as an additional pressure term to the dynamical evolution equations of the winds. For this, the correct pressure needs to be computed during a simulation. Additionally, the changes to the structure of the shocks will be evaluated to determine whether this process might lead to significant changes of the acceleration of the particles.


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