20 January, 15:00: Time delay analysis of the delta Scuti pulsations in the exoplanet host star beta Pictoris based on space and ground-based photometry

Speaker: Sebastian Zieba (Master Thesis Defense). Location: PR 8/18
This thesis analyses the phase variations of the delta Scuti pulsations of beta Pictoris in order to derive time delays caused by companions in the system. The photometric data of the star was collected over approximately four years by the BRITE- constellation, bRing, ASTEP and TESS. The uncertainty in the phases and frequencies, however, are too high to see the influence of either beta Pictoris b or c to the timing of the pulsations of the star. We compare the calculated time delays with a simulated data set and find that both are in agreement with each other, showing that the current observations are not able to give meaningful results. Additional photometry of beta Pictoris, which will be collected by TESS between 2021 and 2022, will lead to a better frequency determination and therefore to the possibility to see the signature of both currently known planets in the system. We use the TESS observations to derive a frequency list of the strongest 37 significant delta Scuti pulsations. The residuals of the TESS photometry are investigated for periodic transits using a Box Least Squares (BLS) algorithm showing no significant detection. 
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