17th May 2021: Acceleration of cosmic ray secondaries inside old supernova remnants

Speaker: Philipp Mertsch (RWTH Aachen University, Germany). Location: Virtually; 3 pm

Despite significant efforts over the last decade, the origin of the cosmic ray positron excess has still not been unambiguously established. A popular class of candidates are pulsars or pulsar wind nebulae but these cannot account for the observed hard spectrum of cosmic ray antiprotons. We revisit the alternative possibility that the observed high-energy positrons are secondaries created by spallation in supernova remnants during the diffusive shock acceleration of the primary cosmic rays, which are further accelerated by the same shocks. We obtain an excellent fit to the recent precision measurements by AMS-02 of cosmic ray protons, helium, positrons and antiprotons, as well as of various primary and secondary nuclei.

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