14. May, 15:00: The impact of assembly bias on the halo occupation in hydrodynamical simulations

Speaker: Celeste Artale | Location: PR 8/18

In the current concordance ΛCDM paradigm, dark matter haloes are the hosts where galaxies reside. Understanding the galaxy-halo connection is crucial for galaxy formation and for constraining cosmological models.
In this talk, I will review the current techniques developed to investigate this connection. In particular I will focus on the halo occupation distribution method and I will discuss the impact of assembly bias, generally described as the dependence of dark matter halo clustering on different halo properties besides their mass.
Recently, I have explored the impact of assembly bias on the halo occupation distribution using state of the art cosmological hydrodynamical simulations such as EAGLE and Illustris. I will present our results when we split the dark matter halo population according to its large-scale environment and formation time.

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