7. May, 15:00: A Modelling of the Diffuse Galactic Neutrino Flux

Speaker: Nikita Grimm (University of Innsbruck) | Location: PR 8/18

Neutrino observation has become more and more competitive in the recent years with detectors such as IceCube. Thus, it now makes sense to determine where the detected neutrinos originate from. Cosmic Rays generated in point sources are transported through the Galaxy and then collide with diffuse gas to create pions. These pions decay into muons which in turn decay into electrons. This process creates a total of three neutrinos and thus produces a diffuse neutrino flux. In this presentation, we will first discuss how we calculate the Galactic neutrino flux using a proton flux given by Picard. We will then show how the neutrino flux is propagated to the earth to afterwards be observed by the IceCube detector. We are thus able to determine if and how the diffuse Galactic Neutrino Flux interferes with the detection of point sources.

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