12. Mar, 15:00: Supernova Kicks and Dynamics of Compact Remnants in the Galactic Centre

Speaker: Elisa Bortolas (University of Padova) | Location: PR 8/18

The Galactic Centre (GC) is a unique place to study the extreme dynamical processes occurring near a super-massive black hole (SMBH). In my talk I will discuss the role of supernova (SN) explosions occurring in massive binary stellar systems lying in a discy structure within the innermost pc. I will present the results of a suite of 3-body simulations of binaries orbiting the central SMBH, while the primary star undergoes a SN explosion. The associated kicks scatter the lighter stars in the pair on completely new orbits, with higher eccentricity and inclination. In contrast, stellar black holes (BHs) and massive stars retain memory of the orbit of their progenitor star. My results suggest that SN kicks are not sufficient to eject BHs from the GC: all BHs that form in situ in the central parsec of our Galaxy probably remain in the GC, building up a cluster of dark remnants. I will also discuss the implications of this study on the observed dearth of NSs in the GC and I will speculate on the possible origin of peculiar GC objects, such as the S-stars, G1 and G2.

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