JOINT Institute Seminar- WS16/17
Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Schaffenroth, Holler
     Date       Speaker         Title
 17.10.2016   Staff meeting  
  31.10.2016  Halloween  
  14.11.2016  Dr. Rainer Köhler (U. Innsbruck/Vienna)   Binary T Tauri Stars
  21.11.2016  Priv.-Doz. Dr. Christoph Pfrommer (U. Heidelberg)   AGN feedback in galaxy clusters
  12.12.2016  Karolina Kubiak (U. Vienna)   Spectroscopy of massive stars in Orion
  19.12.2016  Stefan Kimeswenger  News from the Very Late Thermal Pulse (VLTP) objects




 Wolfgang Lukas 


Measurement of Charged-Particle Distributions in Proton—Proton Interactions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC


 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Olaf Reimer (U. Innsbruck)    canceled




  Roland Jansky


Track reconstruction in dense environments and the search for new physics in the fully hadronic diboson channels with the atlas detector

  23.01.2017  Dr. Oliver Czoske (U. Innsbruck/Vienna)    Strong gravitational lensing with MICADO
  30.01.2017  Ines Juvan (U. Innsbruck/ ÖAW Graz)    Spin-orbit alignment of an extra-solar super-Earth

 JOINT Institute Seminar - SS 16
 Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Urbaneja
        Date       Speaker         Title
 07.03.2016  Dr. K. Zwintz (U. Innsbruck)

 Tracing the early lives of stars with asteroseismology. 

 14.03.2016  Dr. T. Kallinger (U. Vienna)
 The golden era of asteroseismology.
 Staff meeting 
 11.04.2016  Univ.-Prof. Dr. G. Hensler (U. Vienna)  The IAU General Assembly 2018 in Vienna - the Austrian Astronomers in the focus of the international community. 
No Joint Institute Seminar  

 S 99(1)


No Joint Institute Seminar  

S 99(1)  

 23.05.2016  Univ.-Prof. Dr. N. Przybilla (U. Innsbruck)    B-Fields in OB stars.
 06.06.2016 Dr. V. Schaffenroth (U. Innsbruck)  
The EREBOS project - Studying the influence of sub-stellar companions on late stellar evolution. 
 13.06.2016 Dr. M.A. Urbaneja (U. Innsbruck)
 20.06.2016 Dr. K. Reitberger (U. Innsbruck) 
MHD models of non-thermal photon emission in the colliding-wind binary system of gamma^2 Velorum. 
 27.06.2016 Dr. S. Kautsch (Nova Southeastern University, USA)   Superthin Galaxies - You Can't be Too Thin or Too Beautiful.


 JOINT Institute Seminar - WS 15/16
 Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Öttl, Urbaneja
        Date       Speaker         Title
 05.10.2015  Markus Haider  

 Large-Scale Mass Distribution in the Illustris-

 12.10.2015  Tanya Ryabchikova
 Accuracy of atmospheric parameters of A to K
 dwarfs determined by spectral fitting
 Amy M. Jones 
 Studying halos of MaNGA galaxies
 26.10.2015  Nationalfeiertag  
 02.11.2015  Allerseelen
 09.11.2015  Staff Meeting   
 Physics PhD Poster Day


 PR 8/18

 Andreas Postel 


 High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Diffuse
 Interstellar Bands in the Near-Infrared using

 30.11.2015  Dominic Clancy   Black Holes: Ancient and Modern
 14.12.2015  Emmerich Kneringer  Quarkonia and B-physics measurements with the ATLAS detector
 11.01.2016  Rainer Kuschnig 
 BRITE-Constellation "20cm Cube sized
 Satellites" for Variable-Star Research

 18.01.2016  Maria Fernanda Nieva 
 A new density and chemical abundance map of the solar neighbourhood
 01.02.2016  Eugenio Coccia - Cancelled
 The quest for gravitational waves: a global strategy
 JOINT Institute Seminar - SS 15
 Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Öttl, Urbaneja
        Date       Speaker         Title


 Elmar Ritsch


ATLAS Detector Simulation in the Integrated Simulation Framework applied to the W Boson Mass Measurement

 02.03.2015  Ignacio Trjillo 
 (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias)
 The hidden Universe
 Stephan Geier
 Hot subdwarfs - Small stars indicating major
 events of stellar evoltuion


 Michael Werner


The Propagation of Cosmic Rays: Codes, Tools and Physics

 16.03.2015  Wolfgang Kausch
 The Innsbruck sky correction tools
 23.03.2015  Staff Meeting  
 SR 1 (ICT)
 Andreas Hiemer


GALAPAGOS-C: Analysis of Galaxy Morphologies Using High Performance Computing Methods


 Günther Wuchterl  Exoplanets versus Solar System


 Marilyn Latour  

 Spectroscopy of hot subdwarf stars in Omega

 Kathrin Egberts
 Cancelled due to strike of Deutsche Bahn
 01.06.2015  Dominic Clancy  Shifted to next term
 08.06.2015  Markus Böttcher
(Centre for Space Research, South Africa)
 Multiwavelength Polarization as diagnostics of
 relativistic jet physics
 15.06.2015  Arno Gadola
(University of Zurich)
 FlashCam: A Novel Cherenkov Telescope Camera
 with Continuous Signal Digitization
 22.06.2015  Veronika Schaffenroth

 Defensio talk:

 Analysis of low-mass and high-mass systems
 after the common-envelope phase

 JOINT Institute Seminar - WS 14/15
 Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Öttl, Urbaneja
        Date       Speaker         Title


 Marina Vika

MegaMorph: developing advanced galaxy decomposition software for multi-wavelength surveys

 Amy Michelle Jones


An Advanced Sky Background Model for the European Southern Observatory

17.11.2014  Institute's staff meeting  
24.11.2014  Brian van Soelen
The gamma-ray binary system       PSR B1259-63

Wednesday, 10.12.2014 

12:00, 8/18

Kaisa Henttunen
(University of Turku,  Laboratory of Theoretical Physics) 
Polytropic stellar configurations in modified gravity 


Friday, 12.12.2014

9:30, HS D

 Florian Pranger


Galaxy Properties in Cluster Systems of Different Dynamical State

Thursday, 08.01.2015

 10:30, PR 8/18

 Rainer Köhler My favorite object: T Tauri

 Friday, 16.01.2015

 11:30 Uhr, HS D

 Harald Höller


Subgrid Physics Modelling in Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Clusters

19.01.2015  Stefan Noll  How reliable are OH-based temperatures of the Earth's mesopause region?

 JOINT Institute Seminar - SS 14
 Time: Mo 14:15, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Kissmann, Stöckl
        Date       Speaker         Title


Maria Petropoulou

Hadronic processes and GRB emission: something old, something new

 9.7.2014 Lisette Guzman-Ramirez

PAH formation in the oxygen rich environments of Planetary Nebulae

 Fri, 18.7.2014, 10:00 Felix Niederwanger  MSc Prüfung
 18.8.2014, 11:00, HS C Klaus Reitberger  PhD Defensio


  JOINT Institute Seminar - WS 13/14
Time: Mo 14:15 h,  Place: PR 8/18                            Organisation: Kissmann, Stöckl
        Date       Speaker         Title
21.10.2013 Miguel A. Urbaneja-Perez Probing nearby galaxies with the brightest stars in the universe
13.01.2014 Michael Werner z=1010
20.01.2014 Ulrike Kuchner

On the properties of galaxies in intermediate high redshift clusters

29.1.2014, 15:45

Veronika Schaffenroth Hot Subdwarfs in (Eclipsing) Binaries
11.02.2014, 11:00
Christian Maier  

The mass-metallicity and fundamental metallicity relations up to z~3 using VLT and Subaru near-infrared spectroscopy



  JOINT Institute Seminar - SS 13
Time: Mo 14:15 h,  Place: PR 8/18                            Organisation: Kneringer, Stöckl
        Date       Speaker         Title
08.04.2013 Tijana Prodanovic Galactic Interactions: A New Impact on the Cosmological Lithium Problem
15.04.2013 Lars Hunger Turning Bands, an old new way of generating Random Fields
22.04.2013 Norbert Przybilla Observational Constraints on Massive Star Evolution
29.04.2013 Steven Bass The Cosmological Constant Puzzle
06.05.2013 Clancy James The Radio-Emission from Extensive Air Showers
13.05.2013  -  -
Tu 28.05.13  Markus Haider Simulations of galaxy clusters (defensio)
Fr 07.06.13  Benjamin Bösch Kinematic studies of disk galaxies inside and around the Abell 901/902 cluster system (defensio)
17.06.2013 Markus Böttcher X-ray and gamma-ray polarization from leptonic and hadronic models for blazars
24.06.2013 Daniela Hadasch  Binary systems in a MWL picture from X-ray to TeV gamma rays



JOINT Institute Seminar - WS 12/13
Time: Mo 14:15 h, Place: PR 8/18 Organisation: Kneringer, Stöckl
Speaker         Title
29.10.2012 David Kolitzus Studies on the Cosmic-Ray Electron plus Positron Flux with H.E.S.S.
12.11.2012 Amy Jones An Improved Scattered Moonlight Model for the Sky Background
26.11.2012 Silvia Dalnodar Carbonic acid: Vibrational spectra, energetics and the possibility of detecting an elusive molecule
Fr 30.11.2012 Jan Bischko SPH/N-body simulations of merging galaxies in the ICM [Master defensio]
03.12.2012 Anita Reimer The Imprint of Extragalactic Background Light in the Gamma-Ray Spectra of Blazars
10.12.2012 Lee Kelvin Deconstructing galaxies
07.01.2013 Patrick Jussel Overview of B-physics with the ATLAS detector
14.01.2013 Olaf Reimer CTA - Planning the VHE Gamma-ray Observatory
21.01.2013 Ralf Kissmann Physics of the Heliotail
28.01.2013 Asmus Böhm Past and present of spiral galaxies