JOINT Institute Seminar- SS 17
Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Urbaneja, Holler
     Date       Speaker         Title
 06.03.2017   -  
 13.03.2017 Andreas Salzburger (CERN) The discovery of the Higgs boson - What now? 
 20.03.2017 Institute's Staff Meeting -- NO JIS   

 24.04.2017 Celeste Artale (IAFE, CONICET-UBA, Argentina) Galaxy Clustering from the Perspective of Galaxy Formation Models
 08.05.2017 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Olaf Reimer (U. Innsbruck) Status and Science case for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
 15.05.2017 Dr. G. Houdek (Univ. Aarhus, Denmark)
On the surface physics in solar-type stars using asteroseismology
 22.05.2017 Dr. W. Kausch (Univ. Vienna, Austria)  (Title to be announced) 
 29.05.2017 Dr. S. Noll (Univ. Innsbruck, Austria) (Title to be announced)  
JOINT Institute Seminar- WS16/17
Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Schaffenroth, Holler
     Date       Speaker         Title
 17.10.2016   Staff meeting  
  31.10.2016  Halloween  
  14.11.2016  Dr. Rainer Köhler (U. Innsbruck/Vienna)   Binary T Tauri Stars
  21.11.2016  Priv.-Doz. Dr. Christoph Pfrommer (U. Heidelberg)   AGN feedback in galaxy clusters
  12.12.2016  Karolina Kubiak (U. Vienna)   Spectroscopy of massive stars in Orion
  19.12.2016  Stefan Kimeswenger  News from the Very Late Thermal Pulse (VLTP) objects




 Wolfgang Lukas 


Measurement of Charged-Particle Distributions in Proton—Proton Interactions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC


 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Olaf Reimer (U. Innsbruck)    canceled




  Roland Jansky


Track reconstruction in dense environments and the search for new physics in the fully hadronic diboson channels with the atlas detector

  23.01.2017  Dr. Oliver Czoske (U. Innsbruck/Vienna)    Strong gravitational lensing with MICADO
  30.01.2017  Ines Juvan (U. Innsbruck/ ÖAW Graz)    Spin-orbit alignment of an extra-solar super-Earth

 JOINT Institute Seminar - SS 16
 Time: Mo 15:00, Place: PR 8/18                         Organisation: Urbaneja
        Date       Speaker         Title
 07.03.2016  Dr. K. Zwintz (U. Innsbruck)

 Tracing the early lives of stars with asteroseismology. 

 14.03.2016  Dr. T. Kallinger (U. Vienna)
 The golden era of asteroseismology.
 Staff meeting 
 11.04.2016  Univ.-Prof. Dr. G. Hensler (U. Vienna)  The IAU General Assembly 2018 in Vienna - the Austrian Astronomers in the focus of the international community. 
No Joint Institute Seminar  

 S 99(1)


No Joint Institute Seminar  

S 99(1)  

 23.05.2016  Univ.-Prof. Dr. N. Przybilla (U. Innsbruck)    B-Fields in OB stars.
 06.06.2016 Dr. V. Schaffenroth (U. Innsbruck)  
The EREBOS project - Studying the influence of sub-stellar companions on late stellar evolution. 
 13.06.2016 Dr. M.A. Urbaneja (U. Innsbruck)
 20.06.2016 Dr. K. Reitberger (U. Innsbruck) 
MHD models of non-thermal photon emission in the colliding-wind binary system of gamma^2 Velorum. 
 27.06.2016 Dr. S. Kautsch (Nova Southeastern University, USA)   Superthin Galaxies - You Can't be Too Thin or Too Beautiful.

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