Seminar Astroparticle and Particle Physics SS 2017
(Seminar Number: 706904 in LFU:online) 

 Time & Room : Thursday 10:00-11:30h, PR 8/23a; Institute of Astro and Particle Physics
 (if not changed in a special announcement)

Date Speaker Title
23.3. Valentin VÖLKL  
30.3.  no seminar HESS-Collaboration Meeting
6.4. Romed RAUTH PhD progress report
27.4. Sabrina BERNHARD PhD progress report
11.5. Felix NIEDERWANGER PhD progress report
18.5. David HUBER  
1.6. Ralf KISSMANN tbd
22.6. Klaus REITBERGER  tbd
29.6. Markus HOLLER tbd