Astrophysics Seminar  - winter term 2014:

Time & Room (if not changed in the announcement) - Wednesday 14:30  Viktor Franz Hess Haus 8/18
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Date Speaker Title
2nd October 2014
Norbert Przybilla
8th October Ernesto Perez Spectroscopy in Galaxies, Type cDs

15th October 

Bastian Proxauf
Upgrading electron temperature and electron density diagnostic diagrams of forbidden line emission
22nd October Hannah Dalgleish
Does radiative core development spin-up accreting T Tauri stars?
29th October
Odyssee Halim
Waves emerged by small perturbation on the Minkowski metric
5th November
Benjamin Czaja
Distortion of the cosmic microwave background by the Milky Way
12th November
Yana Khusanova

Doppler tomography of the young T Tauri binary V4046 Sgr

19th November
Kaan Kaplan
Planets beyond the solar system
26th November
Rebecca Habas
Dwarf Galaxies in Abell 85
3rd December
Matteo Bianconi
A multiwavelength analysis of Spitzer selected galaxies in the clusters Abell 983 and 1731
10th December
Florian Pranger
PhD defensio trial talk
7th January 2015
Barbara Ramirez
14th January

Steffi Unterguggenberger

Robert Dzudzar  

One Man's Thrash Is another Man's Treasure

Planck Mission: Overview of Products and Scientific Results - Cosmological Aspects

21st January Felix Niederwanger
28th January Sreevarsha Sreejith
postponed to summer term

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