Astrophysics Seminar  - winter term 2013:

Time & Room (if not changed in the announcement) - Wednesday 14:30  Viktor Franz Hess Haus 8/18
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Date Speaker Title
2nd October 2013
Norbert Przybilla

16th October 14:00

SR2, ICT-building

Patrick Rieser
Dynamics and Properties of Sub-structures of the Intra-cluster Medium in Clusters of Galaxies (Diploma exam)
23rd October Amy Jones Overview of the (ugly) marriage between software and astronomy
30th October
Simón Torres
Preliminary Analysis of GSAOI Photometric Data
6th November
Efsan Sökmen
Detection and Observation of Hypervelocity Stars
13th November 8/23
Rebecca Habas

Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies in Abell 85

20th November
 Miles L. Timpe
Exploring the Initial Mass Distribution for Exoplanets
27th November
Aleksandar Cikota
A study of the effect of host galaxy dust extinction on the colours of type Ia supernovae
4th December
Florian Pranger
Red Spirals in Galaxy Clusters
11th December
Matteo Bianconi
A multi-wavelength analysis of Spitzer selected galaxies in Abell 983 and 1731
18th December Lars Hunger Overview of the "Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae VI" conference
8th January 2014
Silvia Öttl
Coronene and Pyrene (5, 7)-member ring defects: Infrared spectra, energetics and alternative formation pathways
15th January  Felix Niederwanger
Planetary nebulae with CRONOS
22nd January  Christoph Bischko
PhD progress report, cancelled
29th January  Barbara Ramirez
Observing Fake Clusters of Galaxies: How and Why

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