Astrophysics Seminar  - winter term 2012/13:

Time & Room (if not changed in the announcement) - Fridays 12:15  Viktor Franz Hess Haus 8/18
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Date Speaker Title
5th October 2012
 Stefan Kimeswenger
12th October
19th October
 Benjamin Bösch
PhD report: Kinematic Analysis of the multiple Cluster System A901/2
09th November    
16th November
 Anna Ogorzalek AstroMundus Student - previous BSc work:
title follows

 Amy Michelle Jones
moved to general "Hausseminar"
Monday 12th November 14:15
PhD report: Moonlight Scattering in the Earth's Atmosphere
23rd November
07th December
 Rosita Kokotanekova   AstroMundus Student - previous BSc work: Hydrodynamic Simulations of RAM Pressure Stripping in Galaxy Clusters and Galaxy Groups
14th December
 Josef Stöckl  canceled
11th January
 Felix Niederwanger
MSc project: Planetary nebulae with CRONOS -
18th January
 Florian Pranger  PhD report:
25th January
 Andreas Hiemer
moved to next semester
PhD report: GALAPAGOS - Galaxies Morphologies
01rd February
Matteo Bianconi PhD project presentation


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