Astrophysics Seminar  - winter term 2010/11

Time & Room (if not changed in the announcement): Thuesday 10:40 Viktor Franz Hess Haus 8/18
talks partly can be found HERE (restriced to network or VPN tunnel)


Speaker Title
5th October 2010
Stefan Kimeswenger
Introduction and Date fixing
12th October 2010 Ralf Kissmann
Acretion Disc Turbulence Simulations
19th October 2010 Silvia Dalnodar

Why Galaxies care about AGB Stars II

Conference Summary Vienna 2010

8th November 2010
14:30-15:30 !

Stefan Noll / Wolfgang Kausch / Marco Barden

= ESO in-kind team

A highly accurate Athmosphere Model for ESO
16th November 2010 Zoltan Vörös Radial Evolution of Solar Wind Turbulence
23rd November 2010 Dominik Steinhauser - NN -
30th November 2010 Elisabetta Bissaldi
Spectroscopy of bright FERMI GBM Bursts
7th December 2010


Laura Volpes


Abdiel Ramirez-Torres

AstroMundus Students - report on bachelor projects:

A model for magnetic flux transport - Implications in solar physics and exoplanets detection

The Dwarf Nova EX Hya

 14th December
10:00 h, lecture hall C
Lorenzo Lovisari
PhD thesis defense:
Metal distribution in Galaxy Clusters
11st January 2011

Josef Stöckl

Rosita Paladino

- NN -

- NN -

18th January 2011 Asmus Böhm
The STAGES Project
25th January 2011 Markus Haider
Metal enrichment of the Intercluster Medium
1st February 2011 - free -


bachelor seminar: